Welcome to CAT's Customer Service Center! When submitting a ticket, please include your name and a contact phone number should we need any additional information.

Submitted 7/28/2010 by Customer Service

Please feel free to contact us by submitting a ticket above.  A ticket is a completed form of feedback which a supervisor will review and address in a reasonable matter. Please include all information on the issue or concern. Don't forget to include your name and a contact phone number when you submit your ticket:

  • to express a concern
  • to offer a compliment
  • to offer a suggestion
  • to request information
  • to check on Lost or Found items


When submitting a ticket, please make sure to drop down the Department box and select the appropriate department.   Also provide as much information as you can, i.e., date and time of incident, bus number, route number, etc.  This information is needed in order to fully investigate the incident. 


We also request that you include your full name and your contact phone number so one of our Managers can contact you regarding your concern.


Thank you for riding CAT